Friday, July 29, 2016

Car Accidents Caused During the Summer

During the summer months, travel on America’s highways and in the skies increases substantially. Because there are so many vehicles on the road, the number of accidents also increase. When motor vehicle accidents happen, people on vacation and those commuting to work, driving home or making their way to recreational options all experience headaches.

When a car accident occurs in the summer, the experience of a personal injury lawyer can help get you back on the road to recovery from injuries and property damage.

Teen Drivers Are Often Involved

Because school is not in session, teen drivers spend more time enjoying themselves on the road. Due to inexperience, immaturity inherent in their age, peer pressure and lack of knowledge in driving, teen auto accidents frequently occur in the summer, when teens are supposed to enjoy a carefree life.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has indicated August is the most dangerous month for any driving in the United States. Loss of vehicle control leads to serious collisions, such as head-on accidents with other drivers and passengers in their vehicles. Extensive property damage can occur when a driver loses control of his or her vehicle and collides with objects.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Unsafe Road Conditions Leading to Car Accidents

Car Accidents Caused by Bad Road Conditions

Involved in an Accident because of Poor Road Conditions?

Even the best driver who pays particular attention to how they drive, ensuring speed limits are obeyed while they are behind the wheel, maintaining their car’s operability and adhering to traffic laws can run into trouble on the road that leads to accidents. Such trouble may be found in bad road conditions like potholes, deteriorating roads and missing guard rails. When an accident occurs because of these issues, who is liable for the accident?

Proving liability in cases of car accidents caused by poor road conditions can be very difficult. But an experienced personal injury attorney is able to help you ensure that liability and accountability fall on the responsible parties, instead of your own shoulders. Negligence of others should not result in you having to pay for injuries or damages. An auto accident and personal injury lawyer can help you gain compensation for these expenses from the people and businesses liable for your accident.

Proving Road Conditions Caused Your Accident

To prove that road conditions are the cause of your auto accident, the following issues must be determined: