Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Six Common Myths of Auto Accidents

Being in an auto accident is a terrifying situation that many of us experience at least once in our lifetime. When you have been in an accident, it is helpful to know what your rights are and how you can get the help you need. An experienced auto accident lawyer will likely be one of your best resources, should an auto accident affect your life.

Although none of us want to imagine ourselves in an auto accident, it is likely such an accident will occur. Knowing what to expect when one does happen can help prepare you for the confusion such circumstances create. Below are six of the most common myths about auto accidents, to help you avoid confusion if you are in a collision one day.

Whoever is responsible for the wreck will have to cover all of my costs.

When another party is at fault in an accident, you are not automatically compensated for all of the expenses you must pay. Their insurance company will actually work to undercompensate you. Only a judge or jury can rule what the insurance company has to pay. You will likely gain money for medical expenses and the cost of repairing your car, but other costs will not be recovered without a successful claim.