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Causes of Truck Rollover Accidents

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Rollover Semi Truck Accident

Many fatal truck accidents are the result of vehicle rollovers. When a semi-truck rolls over, other vehicles in its path are unable to stand up to the truck’s size and weight. Trucks often swing across the roadway, as well. This can sweep aside vehicles in its path. Statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) report shows a decline in deaths of large truck / semi trucks occupants over the last 20+ years. 

But many truck rollover accidents are actually preventable. They may be prevented by understanding their causes and adjusting driver behaviors or other factors to prevent the catastrophic results of truck rollover accidents.

When a rollover accident involving a truck occurs, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced rollover truck accident attorney. Such an attorney can investigate the accident and develop a case for victim compensation for injuries or other damages.

Some Preventable Causes of Truck Rollover Accidents

Below are some of the most common causes of truck rollover accidents. These are preventable causes which may lead to serious injuries, heavy property damage and even death:

- Improper Loading

Truck loading may be the responsibility of the trucking company, shipper or other party. But it is always the responsibility of the driver and the trucking company to ensure a load is properly managed and secure, before the vehicle leaves the loading dock.

If the load is insecure, overloaded or unbalanced, items may shift during transport. This causes increased rollover risk, especially when the truck is engaged in a turn.

When liquids are being transported, the truck’s center of gravity can become unbalanced very easily. When the center of gravity is higher, stability is diminished. When a truck carrying liquid is in motion, the liquid can move with strong force from side to side. This sideways motion creates momentum for truck rollover. This occurs more often when the cargo truck is only partially loaded, because the liquid has more room to slosh and flow.

Whether cargo is solid or liquid, it creates risk both for and during rollover. During rollover, the load may spill. Depending upon the type of cargo material, this spill may expose others to hazardous material, crush vehicles or cause other injuries.

- Truck Driver Behavior

Behavior of the truck driver can also lead to a truck rollover accident. In many instances, the coupling of poor driving and improper loading of the truck can cause an accident. There are many preventable actions of drivers that lead to accidents, such as braking or accelerating too quickly.

Of course, speeding is a driver behavior that can cause rollover accidents to occur. When the driver exceeds the posted speed limit or is speeding according to road conditions, rollovers may happen. Rainy weather, negotiating a curve, making a turn, exiting a highway or using a highway on-ramp are all times when speeding can be incredibly dangerous and lead to a rollover accident.

Other truck driver behaviors often contribute to rollover accidents include:
·       Texting while driving
·       Talking on a cellphone
·       Driving while impaired
·       Drowsy driving
·       Other careless or reckless behaviors and actions

- Truck Maintenance

Poor truck maintenance is a preventable cause of truck rollover accidents. Drivers must inspect their truck every single time they are about to get behind the wheel, just as airline pilots must walk around their aircraft for a preflight inspection. If this does not happen, something important may be missed that can be a contributing factor to a rollover truck accident.

Such contributing factors may include:
·       Low tire pressure
·       Worn brakes
·       Tire defect
·       Other vehicle damage

Truck drivers and their trucking companies are also responsible for keeping the truck in good repair through frequent inspections and maintenance by mechanics. Log books are kept to document trip details and maintenance of the truck. Through proper routine maintenance and daily pre-trip inspections, many issues that cause truck rollover accidents can be found before they become a problem and cause injuries or even fatalities.

An Experienced Truck Rollover Accident Attorney Can Help

When you are involved in a truck rollover crash, it is important to know your rights after a car accident and contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. If the accident is determined to be the fault of the truck driver or others, a qualified attorney can determine who is liable for damages. Liability may be the driver, their trucking company, the shipping company or manufacturer of particular parts of the truck, among others.

Through experienced Phoenix legal counsel, you will have the right help on your side to gather accident evidence and build a strong, successful case. An attorney will also help you deal with the insurance companies, negotiating a fair settlement for your injuries and other damages.

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