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Hit With Sudden Medical Bills After a Car Accident?

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer to Help Fight High Medical Bills
Unexpected High Medical Bills After a Car Accident

After even a minor car accident, medical bills can quickly pile up. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau report, unpaid medical debt is a problem for 20 percent of Americans.

A spokesman for the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, Bruce McClary, said, "The stress of this debt is overwhelming to many people. Often, consumers just shut down due to fear and anxiety associated with getting collection letters in the mail."

The American Journal of Medicine published a study in 2009 showing that over 60 percent of all bankruptcies are at least partially related to medical expenses. This is the case, even though the vast majority of those who filed for bankruptcy had health insurance.

A recent survey by verified this through their findings, also showing that over 60 percent of Americans are unable to cover unexpected medical expenses, even when costs are as low as $500 or $1000. Despite health insurance, leftover costs are most often not manageable.

When a car accident lawyer has determined that injuries caused by a negligent driver is the source of medical expenses, these ramifications can be a bitter pill to swallow, on top of everything else associated with the wreck.

Medical Bills Are Not the Only Car Accident Surprise Expenses

What is worse about car accidents is that medical expenses are not all the expenses a victim faces. There are other expenses, many of which are completely unexpected. Five of those big expenses are below:

Increased Insurance Premiums

Some drivers face increased insurance premiums after a car accident. These average 41 percent in added monthly cost after only one claim. Drivers may also lose discounts such as the good driver's discount. 

Auto Repair Costs

If you are in a car accident, there will likely be car repair costs. Insurance is supposed to cover these expenses and get you back on the road. But what if insurance payouts do not cover all of the costs? 

Car Rental Reimbursement

While your car is being repaired, you will possibly need car rental service or you will have to arrange other transportation. If you live and work in a major city, this may mean using taxis every day until your car is returned. Or, there is that daily rental charge on your loaner vehicle. 

Emergency Room Fees, Visits and Other Medical Expenses

Even small accidents can cause injuries, some of which are not found right away. If an ambulance is called at the scene, there is that huge cost on top of emergency room visit billings. While insurance should cover most of these expenses, much relies upon the other driver's insurance coverage and how well negotiations go with that insurance provider. If it takes too long for the insurance company to settle, your bills can end up in collections and reflect poorly on you as a patient and credit risk.

Paying Off  High Medical Bills and Expenses

Paying Off the Car

When a car is damaged beyond reasonable expense, the loan still has be paid off. So while you await settlement and hope it is enough to cover all of the above expenses and the loan amount, you are still responsible for timely payment on your account. Meanwhile, you still have to secure other transportation.

Don't Expect Insurance to Cover All of Your Costs After an Accident

If you have recently been through an auto accident due to someone else's negligence, it is critical that you seek the advice of an attorney to ensure your expenses are covered.

Although car accident victims may be quickly offered an insurance claim, it is very important that they seek advocacy through an experienced car accident injury attorney, according to the car accident lawyers at Cantor Crane (source:

Attorney Aaron Crane, of Cantor Crane, said, "Many car accident victims are left with expenses even though the wreck was not their fault. This is why it is particularly important that the advice of a car accident lawyer is sought. We make sure victims receive the best possible outcome to cover their needs."

While's study is concerning, the big message here is that Americans are highly vulnerable to sudden expenses like those of a car accident. Over 15 percent of victims have to use credit cards or loans to pay for costs of injuries after a wreck. Even people earning over $75,000 reported in the survey that they could not afford $500 in out-of-pocket emergency expense. 

Unfortunately, when injured in a car accident, your medical costs can reach the American average of over $15,000, according to recent analytics. 

Crane said, "Car accident injuries are some of the most expensive and detrimental costs an individual or family can encounter. It is unfortunate that insurance companies can be so unwilling to fairly compensate victims without legal advocacy."

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